Health & Safety Updates

While Zoom remains our preferred medium to conduct client meetings, some clients and some steps in the design process may require face-to-face meetings.

Our showroom is located on the first floor (no elevators to deal with) and is by appointment only. With staff continuing to work primarily from home, clients can be assured there will never be more than a very small number of people in our space at the same time.

Our showroom was cleaned on May 27 as a precautionary step against COVID-19. Cleaning was conducted by ServPro, the market leader in restoring commercial and residential spaces after a major event. ServePro has developed a set of protocols specifically for this pandemic, which includes a two-step process. The first step was a thorough cleaning of all surfaces with a hospital grade disinfectant, which was followed by a “fogger” of the space to reach germs in tighter spaces as well as in the air. This provides a reassuring “reset” for all of us.

We have installed high-efficiency particulate air (“HEPA”) portable filters to continuously clean the air when people are present in the office. HEPA filtration systems are used in hospitals and on aircraft and are recognized as the efficiency standard in air filtration

A touchless hand sanitizer station is located inside the front door. All staff and guests are asked to use this each time they enter the suite.

Social distancing guidelines and the use of facial coverings are required at all times in our building (per property management), as well as in our suite. If a client would rather not do this, no problem. We can set up a meeting via Zoom.

We are providing disposable masks to all guests should they not have one of their own.

All touch surfaces will be wiped down with a cleaning agent regularly. This includes samples.

Samples for clients may be ordered and shipped directly to a client’s home from cabinet makers and other vendors, to avoid multiple “touches”.

Since duration is a key factor in transmission of this virus, face to face meetings will be kept to one hour whenever possible. To make this work well, drawings and renderings (and samples, if possible) may be sent to a client in advance so they can become familiar with them prior to the meeting.

Thank you!

J. Paul & Mike